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Thanks for setting me on the right path!


As you know, I was pretty nervous before my colonoscopy, and was searching the internet for more information so I could be as prepared as possible.  Watching Katie Couric's video did help get a few nerves out. I'm 23 and my dad died of colon cancer at 59 and there are various other grandparents, etc., who have had it, so my small symptoms that would normally not be a concern warranted a check just in case.  It was a relief to know that I would know for certain, but scary to know that I could get some bad news too.  Beyond that vague fear, though, was my real fear of needles and particularly IV's.

So, I followed my regimen- no purple or red liquids or food with seeds two days before, clear liquids only the day before, with some magnesium citrate, fleets phospho-soda and anti-nausea pills in the middle there. I wasn't in a great mood the day before- I'm fond of eating solid foods, and probably was feeling a little whiny about not getting to eat dinner with my husband (I don't think I'll crave a gummy bear again for a long time- I ate a bunch of those).  I had to do the last bottle of fleets at 4 am for my 6:30 appointment, but aside from the horrible taste, that wasn't as bad as I expected.  I actually slept pretty well and woke up just fine when I needed to head to the bathroom (I was a little worried about whether I'd wake up- it wasn't a problem at all).  A suggestion I read somewhere of having baby wipes on hand was good- I did get pretty sore.  However, I thought I would spend a lot of time just sitting there (I even had a book ready for just this event), but that wasn't the case- I was in and out pretty quickly each time.

Finally, my husband drove me to the endoscopy center early that morning and things really got going.  I went to a wonderful place with very friendly people and warm blankets and gowns (they actually had a heated closet for those things!).  I got teary as soon as I knew it was time for the IV, but I did get some ice chips out of the deal- my veins aren't easy to find to begin with, I guess, and I was very dehydrated, so they hoped the ice chips would help.  They did have some difficulty sticking me, and I did do some crying (nerves, hunger, sleepiness... a wonderful combination), but the techs were so comforting and indulgent that it was as pleasant as that could have possibly been for me.  They then rolled me into the room and away from my husband, but toward the sedative : )  This is the part where my memory gets hazy- my doctor isn't shy about the sedatives- a big difference from Katie Couric's. >From what they tell me, they also found out that I have a spastic colon, so they had to give me extra to calm it down.  The next thing I remember is waking up chewing a peanut butter cracker (the best I've ever had) and drinking hot chocolate that was heavenly!  My husband teases me that I said it was the best hot chocolate ever and asked what kind it was and they said it was just Swiss Miss.  Watch out- sedatives can make you goofy : )  I guess I kept falling asleep while chewing.  I was a little wobbly getting dressed, but I felt totally fine in my stomach-area after a few peanut butter crackers.  I fell asleep on the drive home and took a two hour nap right away.  I had some peanut butter toast for my first meal back because I was a little worried about overdoing it. However, I stayed awake the rest of the day and that night we went to Mom's and ate fried chicken and popovers and everything else and I did just fine and felt pretty much great all night.  I'm told I had several identical conversations more than once with my husband that morning and afternoon, and definitely wanted to talk to my family about it because I was so relieved it was over and proud that I got through it ok.

In the end, I had a small polyp that was benign, but of course could have grown up to be cancer, so I'm clear and marking my calendar for another visit in three years.   I'm really happy to be able to say that I've done it and I know what's happening in there, and I'm trying to put the IV scariness behind me.  It was totally worth it and the people who helped me through it were wonderful, including my indulgent husband. Thanks for setting me on the right path, Kathy!  I hope this is helpful to your readers!