University Endoscopy Group

Bayside Endoscopy Center

Administrator: Kathy Abiri, RN, MS, CASC
Clinical Director: Kerri Alfieri, RN BSN

East Bay Endoscopy Center

Administrator: Kathy Abiri, RN, MS, CASC
Clinical Director: Sherri Tager, RN

East Greenwich Endoscopy Center

Administrator: Jane Carr, RN
Clinical Director: Stacy Tabele, RN, BSN

Ocean State Endoscopy Center

Administrator: Tina Woods, RN
Clinical Director: Michael Jollie, RN

Business Office

Business Office Manager: Loriann Caldwell
Beginning on 11/6/17


Imagine all the frustrations and inconveniences that often accompany a visit to the doctor’s office. Leaving work early to make the appointment, filling out paperwork and more paperwork when you get there, waiting for your name to be called, wondering how long it will take. Then there’s the problem of having health history and other information scattered in many different places. This can be especially true for military personnel, busy mothers and others who are generally a more mobile population and see clinicians in a number of different locations.

The commercial health care sector has been following the growing trend of self-service. Customers can now check in for flights online and on kiosks, pay bills online, and even buy postage stamps at kiosks. The health care industry has joined the club with hopes of improving patient satisfaction and increasing efficiency in the doctor’s office.  Introducing “The Patient Portal”.

There are currently a variety of tasks the health care beneficiary can accomplish using the self-service solutions in these new pilot programs.  Patients participating in pilots at Naval Hospital Bremerton (NHB) and Eisenhower Army Medical Center can request appointments or prescription renewals, use an “Ask a Question” functionality to communicate with physicians, or complete a “Virtual Office Visit,” wherein the patient answers a set of questions related to a specific symptom. The Virtual Office Visit functionality is designed for established patients experiencing minor symptoms. When the patient submits data through the Virtual Office Visit, the physician can then review the patient’s history and symptoms. For routine cases, the physician electronically sends specific care instructions or prescriptions. If the physician needs more information, the patient can simply come to the office for more evaluation.

Intuit’s self-service solutions also allow the staff in the pilot programs to perform certain tasks. The office can send its patients messages regarding lab results and appointment reminders. In the quest to manage diseases, staff members can even review records to determine if any patients should schedule check-ups.  Click on HERE or on the Patient Portal to enter.